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Water Diviner Expert

The Waterfinder, Charl Hugo, also known as “Die Waterwysman” is a water diviner. He has over 40 years experience in finding water for wellpoints and boreholes.

Hugo makes use of dowsing as a method to find water supplies underground. In other words, he makes use of a traditional y-formed willow or cane branch.  In addition to wire or bottles filled with water to locate areas with the strongest underwater streams.
Therefore, he walks through the field with the dowsing rod / branch. When he walks over a location that has the most potential of yielding water, the dowsing rod or branch will rotate in his hands and subsequently point towards the ground. 
Charl believes he has a special ability to tap into the electric magnetic flow of water underneath the earth’s surface by using a divining rod or a glass bottle of water. 

Over the years, he has successfully found and indicated thousands of areas for boreholes and wellpoints in South Africa.

Hugo advertise his services regularly in “Die Burger” and on Gumtree South Africa. Therefore, during a drought dilemma, Hugo is the guy to contact.  He will help you find any areas where underground water is available for borehole or wellpoints on your property.

Meanwhile, Hugo was in various newspaper articles such as “Die Burger” and “Distrikspos”. Likewise, Charl appeared on SABC2 in February 2016 in the television program journal “Fokus”.  In addition, Hugo also appeared in a magazine article in “The Country Life” magazine during December 2017. 

Wateraanwys Ekspert

Die Waterwysman, Charl Hugo, het meer as 40 jaar ondervinding met die aanwys van ondergrondse water.  Hy het al duisende plekke aangewys waar geboor kan word oor die jare.

Hy was al in verskeie koerantartikels in Die Burger, Distrikspos, Noordwester, en het in Februarie 2016 op SABC 2 in die televisie programjoernaal ‘Fokus’ verskyn.  Hugo het ook in Desember 2017 in ‘n artikel in “The Country Life” tydskrif verskyn.

Hugo adverteer gereeld in Die Burger en Gumtree.  Met die huidige droogte is hy die antwoord om jou te help om die potensiaal vir ondergrondse water op jou eiendom aan te wys, hetsy boorgatwater of syfergate.  Hy gebruik ‘n y-vormige stok meestal van wilgerlat of rottang asook drade en bottels met water in om die plekke aan te wys waar die sterkste ondergrondse strome is

Waterfinder visits Peru

Waterfinder visits Peru

The Water finder, Charl Hugo, known as "Die Waterwysman" visits a farm in Peru. He has over 39 years of…

Die Waterwysman se sukses in Robertson 70 000 liter per uur.…

The Water finder, Charl Hugo, locating another successful well-point at Agterkliphoogte in Robertson. Water gushes at 70 000 liters per hour.


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