The Water finder, Charl Hugo, also known as “Die Waterwysman” visits a wine farm in Peru to find water. Charl is a water diviner. He has over 40 years of experience in finding underground water in South-Africa. As a result, he has successfully indicated 1000’s of areas for boreholes and well-points.

Charl Hugo visits wine farm in Ica, Peru to find the best location for a well-point.

Charl assists a wine farm in Ica, Peru to locate suitable areas for a well-point.  The farm provides excellent export grapes.  They need guidance to find the best spot for a natural well-point to alleviate extra demand for water supply. Charl was put in touch with the owner, Mr Fernando Bustamante Letts, through a mutual friend, Mr Ballie Peter Wahl. Shortly after that, he invites Charl to visit them during May last year.  What a fantastic experience to see the country and experience some of its traditions. Mr Fernando and his family were very accommodating and friendly.  Charl visited Lima and Ica, Peru.  Subsequently, he pointed out an area on the farm that showed great prospects to drill a borehole or well-point for a more sustainable water supply on the farm. 

Letter of thanks

Charl is a nice person, very enthusiastic who enjoy life with simple things; he enjoyed with German, my Father and myself during his staying. We would like to drill a well on one point he suggested us to do; we hope to get a good result and we will keep you informed about the result. Thank you very much again for your unconditional support and friendship.  Fernando

Letter from Fernando to Ballie Peter Wahl.