Waterfinder Charl Hugo

Well-points and Borehole expert.

Charl Hugo has been interested in all forms of water since he was a young boy. Growing up on a farm in Agter-Paarl without surface water, soon made him realise the importance of finding water from well-points and boreholes as a natural source to survive.  As a result, Charl believes he has a special ability to tap into the electric magnetic flow of water underneath the earth’s surface by using a divining rod or a glass bottle of water.

  In addition he has learnt from experienced water diviners to find undergroud water supplies all over the country. Subsequently, Charl has been consulting for over 40 years. Meanwhile, sourcing water for well-points and boreholes with great success.  As a result, he appeared in several newspapers and magazines. In addition, he also appeared on television regarding his success as a water diviner.  Charl works mainly in the Western Cape, but also consults in the Eastern Cape (Knysna), Karoo, Gauteng. Even so far as across the borders in South America, at a wine farm in Peru.

Publicity clippings

Noordwester - 13 April 2018 - Boreholes for Calvinia Municipality

Die Burger - 25 May 2000 - Borehole at Onrus small holding

Distrikspos - Borehole at Sir Lowry's Pass smallholding